(These notes were correct at December 2021 but due to frequent changes to government advice please check the latest position)

Whilst all legal restrictions were removed in July 2021, we are still asking members to observe precautions during our walks to minimise the risks from Covid 19.

All leaders are currently required to obtain contact details of everyone on their walks for “track and trace” purposes. It has been suggested this requirement will continue until Spring 2022. These details are held for three weeks and then destroyed, in line with the Ramblers’ advice to their own groups and associated walking clubs.

Face coverings are once more required at all times on public transport to and from the walk. During coach trips, for the safety and reassurance of all members, we still require masks to be worn at all times when travelling on the coach.

Car sharing is now permitted but is at the drivers’ discretion. Car Rambles show the starting point and departure time for the walk rather than a meeting point in Leeds, but members are free to make their own arrangements to car share.

Leeds CHA Rambling & Social Club was formerly part of the Countrywide Holidays Association which is a national organisation set up to encourage participation in, and enjoyment of, the countryside.

Leeds CHA was established in 1898 and we currently have over 200 members. Despite our size, we remain a friendly club and welcome any new members wishing to come along and join us for walks and get a taste of what our club has to offer. We cater for all levels of fitness and often run several walks each week that vary in distance and difficulty.

We publish all our walks and events well in advance to give our members the chance to plan ahead. Our syllabus is published every 6 months and is available on our web site by selecting the month you wish to view from the syllabus page. The syllabus page also details relevant information on the meeting places and travel for the walks and social events.