With the lifting of lockdown from 29 March, the government has relaxed some restrictions on outdoor activities and we are able to resume our walks programme from Saturday 10 April.

Organised walks may now take place outdoors and are exempt from the legal gathering limits so there is no set maximum for club events. Leaders are free to set their own limits on the number of walkers they will accept. The tier system has not been reinstated so there are no restrictions on crossing local authority boundaries. Walkers are being urged to “stay local” but this is not defined.

Social distancing practices, prohibited car sharing, pre booking for walks and keeping contact details will remain unchanged for now. The government hopes to announce further relaxations on 17 May and 21 June when, if relevant, this advice will be updated.


  • Whilst the government recently announced that social gatherings are restricted to a maximum of six people, the Ramblers’ advice to walking groups confirms that organised walks are classed as “organised outdoor physical activity events” and as such are exempt from legal gathering restrictions. The legal maximum for these events remains at 30 people. (Please see www.ramblers.org.uk for more information.) Social distancing practice is still required as before.
  • We want to give as many members as possible the chance to enjoy our walks safely, so are no longer imposing a set upper limit for all walks. Some walk leaders may feel they wish to adhere to the previous limit of six while others might be happy to take a slightly larger party, depending on the nature of the walk, so pre-booking will continue for all walks and all leaders will have the discretion to close bookings when they feel numbers have reached the maximum safe level for their walk.
  • As stated above, anyone wishing to attend a walk MUST contact the leader in advance to book a place and leave contact details. Places can be booked up to a month ahead but you will need to confirm with the leader that the walk has not been altered or cancelled.
  • Social distancing must be observed during the walk where possible, especially at gates, stiles, road crossing points and lunch/drink stops.
  • Face coverings must be worn on all buses and trains. Members should where possible check the bus & train times shortly before the walk as there have been frequent changes and times in the syllabus may not be up to date.
  • Walkers are not required to wear face coverings on the walk, but we recommend you bring one with you, as well as hand sanitiser as you will probably have to touch gates and stiles during the day.
  • Car sharing is not permitted, either for car rambles or just to reach the start of any other walk. Car Rambles will show only the starting point and time of the walk.


  • As a responsible club it is incumbent on us to ensure that risks to walkers and others who may be encountered en route are minimised. There is useful advice on www.ramblers.org.uk/coronavirus, and also a risk assessment checklist checklist they have prepared for their own groups on Restarting Group Walks: Guidance for volunteers under “Resources to help you restart group walks”. Please be conscious of any potential hazards when planning your route and consider any action you can take to reduce risk. On the walk, please make sure other members of your party are aware of the need for precautions to be taken.
  • Leaders are required to obtain details of all members attending as they might need to be traced if any walker subsequently develops Covid-19 symptoms. After the walk, the leader must report names of those who attended and their contact details to the Syllabus Secretary (Ian Gentles) who will retain them for this purpose for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Please watch press and TV for changes to Covid rules in case your walk has to be altered or cancelled.


We have advertised a coach trip to Bridlington on 27 June (postponed from 16 May). Assuming Covid precautions are still in force the following conditions will apply:-

  • All members must first contact the leader of their chosen walk to reserve a place and confirm where they wish to board the coach.
  • Anyone wanting to join the trip but not walk must apply direct to Jim Armstrong for a place on the coach. The request will be noted initially and when the walk lists are received the applicant will be notified whether there are any spaces available. (Due to limited spaces, walkers will have priority).
  • Members who have booked and then are unable to go must tell the walk leader as soon as possible, but will be required to pay unless a replacement can be found to fill their place.
  • All passengers will be scanned on boarding the coach and anyone displaying a raised temperature will be refused travel. Face coverings must be worn whilst on the coach.


We can email important changes to members who have supplied their details, so if you are happy for us to email you and we don’t yet have your contact details please let John Platts know and we will include you in any future circulation. Not all members have access to the internet, so if you know a member near you who cannot receive emails it will help if you can make them aware of changes as they are announced.

Leeds CHA Rambling & Social Club was formerly part of the Countrywide Holidays Association which is a national organisation set up to encourage participation in, and enjoyment of, the countryside.

Leeds CHA was established in 1898 and we currently have over 200 members. Despite our size, we remain a friendly club and welcome any new members wishing to come along and join us for walks and get a taste of what our club has to offer. We cater for all levels of fitness and often run several walks each week that vary in distance and difficulty.

We publish all our walks and events well in advance to give our members the chance to plan ahead. Our syllabus is published every 6 months and is available on our web site by selecting the month you wish to view from the syllabus page. The syllabus page also details relevant information on the meeting places and travel for the walks and social events.